Morphy Richards Single Heated Under Blanket

Morphy Richards Single Heated Under Electric BlanketThis particular electric blanket is made by a name that is not as widely known for their electric bedding range. Still it has managed to garner some really good reviews on the internet so we decided to look into it and tell you what we found. As a result of our research on this seemingly great product we have decided to write this review.

We have included information about the product from a number of sources. We first want to tell you what we found out from the makers of the product then we will further tell you what the electric blanket reviews on this product are saying. The great thing is not only does this product have some great reviews but it also comes reasonably priced as well below the cost of other electric blankets of its size.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from reading through this entire publication. Then will you be able to purchase the right electric blanket for you whether or not it is this Morphy Richards electric blanket.

Electric Blanket Description

When you purchase your Morphy Richards electric blanket you will get a package containing the electric blanket and an instruction manual. The product measures 121 cm x 61 cm and is both machine wash and tumble dry safe. The design features ultra-thin wires which you will not feel through your bedding to keep you awake at night. It has a preheat function that allows you to preheat it and use it all night long for all night comfort. It is equipped with overheat protection for your safety and conforms to the highest safety standards in the UK.

Electric Blanket Features

  • Safe for all night use
  • Meets all safety standards
  • Ultra thing wires
  • Machine washable
  • Tumble Dry safe
  • Overheat protection
  • 121 x 61 cm
  • Preheat settings
  • 3 temperature levels
  • Extra foot warmth
  • Three year manufacturers guarantee

Electric Blanket Consumer Reviews

One owner of this electric blanket called it excellent. He loves that there are three settings and uses the blanket all year round on the different settings for a cosy bed. He had the opportunity to purchase this blanket on a special offer, so he was able to get this electric blanket at an even further reduced price.

One father who bought the product for his son recommends it highly. His son used to wake frequently because he was just too cold. Thanks to this electric blanket he now sleeps soundly throughout the entire night. The usual routine is to turn it on around 15 minutes before bed and by the time he gets in it is just warm enough so he can be comfortable all night leaving it at the first setting. Knowing that it is BEAB approved gives him added piece of mind at night so he can also sleep well knowing his baby is safe.

One gentleman purchased this for his girlfriend for when he would be out of town. She initially didn’t use it as she had some electric blankets in the past that didn’t really do what they were supposed to. She had the chance to sleep on it one night and fell in love with it ever since. The boyfriend loved the price (he purchased online as it was cheaper there than in the store) and said he would definitely buy this electric blanket again and so would recommend it to anyone.

One consumer applauded the product saying it does exactly what the manufacturer said it would and that it was super easy to use.

One person bought one blanket, fell in love then purchased three more. She uses them for her kids beds and loves that they are warm enough but not too hot. She definitely recommends this product to anyone with kids and you don’t have to worry about the safety of using the blanket all night as it is BEAB approved.

One person who ordered this item online related that it arrived in a timely manner and was properly packaged. They fitted it to the required bed turned it on and it worked and they needed nothing more than that to give this product a five star review.


Many pros, the main one being that it has BEAB approval which is not only recognized in Britain but also on a worldwide level.


Some of these blankets may take a bit more than 15 minutes to heat up nicely depending on how much heat you want. This is not a fault though as you see it in the instruction manual.


The number of great reviews and Morphy Richards reliable name both suggest that this electric blanket can be a great purchase.

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Dreamland Mattress Protector Fleece Single Blanket

Dreamland Mattress Protector Fleece Single Blanket - Electric BlanketThis Dreamland electric blanket stands up to all the companies standards. It provides the consumer with the best quality at an affordable price and this is why we have decided to review this product. It also has a number of highly rated reviews on a very popular retail website, giving us enough reason to do a review of this blanket ourselves. Continue reading here to find out what some of those electric blanket reviews are saying. Why is this product the best on the market or among the best? What makes it stand out? What are its features? Find all this and more right here if you continue reading.

The aim of this review is to aid you in your purchase decision. And to do so we have compiled information from the manufacturer to include a description of the product that lets you know what to expect when you make your purchase. To ensure that we remain unbiased we have also included some electric blanket reviews from owners of the product where we let you know exactly what they are saying.

Electric Blanket Description

When you purchase the Dreamland Mattress Protector Fleece Single electric blanket you will find inside the packaging; the blanket, one controller that can be detached, an instruction booklet and a storage bag that can be reused. This is ideal for if the blanket won’t be used but instead stored for when there are visitors.  The blanket itself features a patented technology referred to as “instant heat technology” this is what causes the blanket to heat up in as little as ten minutes. It fits like a fitted sheet with an elasticized skirt so that it can fit any size mattress comfortably. It is quite affordable to run and can save you a good amount of money if used without the rest of your home heating.

Electric Blanket Features

  • 10 minute heat up time
  • Mattress protector design
  • Luxurious fleece material
  • Cost effective
  • Nine temperature settings
  • Countdown timer
  • Auto shut off
  • Three year manufacturer’s guarantee


Electric Blanket Consumer Reviews

One consumer referred to this electric blanket as “an excellent product” and an excellent purchase. They also love the fact that it only takes ten minutes to warm up. They cautioned though that the skirt though elasticated could not fit their particular mattress properly and ended up riding up on more than one occasion. They finally had to do a little adjusting themselves for it to fit properly. They however still think it is a great product and that it heats nicely. Based on their experience with the single electric blanket they would definitely recommend the purchase of this product as it keeps them nice and toasty during the winter.

Dreamland Mattress Protector Fleece Single BlanketOne consumer purchased this blanket because they learned that electric blankets can reduce the risk of having dust mites in your mattress by 50% and that this blanket can actually reduce allergies. Knowing that it could warm her up on a cold night was just a plus then when she saw the savings she incurred from turning off her heater she was even more thrilled with her decision to purchase this blanket. She went on to mention that the material was great if you want to sleep in a bed that feels like it is only for the rich and famous. She also loves the various settings and the fact that she could find the right temperature at any given time right at her fingertips.

One consumer cheered hooray in their review of this electric blanket. They find it perfect as it only warms the bed and not the entire house which is quite unnecessary when you live alone. They also love the fact that it secures as a fitted sheet would making it one of the easiest pieces of electric bedding to get started.

One other consumer loves the timer and the wide range of heat settings. The one thing they would have done differently would have been to place an eight hour timer on the blanket.


This single electric blanket has multiple temperature settings and a countdown and auto shut off feature. It is safe for all night use and great for other purposes apart from warming your bed.


The controller for the blanket can be hard to adjust in the dark so if you want to adjust the temperature in the middle of the night, be prepared to turn on a light.


When it comes to electric bedding, Dreamland always seem to deliver on their promises and this electric blanket – mattress protector is no exception.

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Dreamland Fleece Single Electric Under Blanket

Dreamland Fleece Single Under Electric Blanket Here is yet another electric blanket made by the Dreamland manufacturers of electric bedding. They are known to be leaders in their class and have patented technology in their blankets. This single electric blanket is no different and has everything you can imagine you will find in an electric blanket by Dreamland.

We decided to review this particular blanket as it is one of the leaders in sales for electric blankets of its size. Here we have compiled just enough information for you to make an informed decision. You will find below a description of the product as well as the features of the product listed in bullet form. Further reading will take you to a number of electric blanket reviews for this Dreamland single fleece under blanket.  Followed by these reviews you will find a brief section with the pros and cons of the product which will be the final pieces of information on this electric blanket.

You can be sure that purchasing this electric blanket or any of the Dreamland products that you will be getting value for your money both on your initial purchase as well as in the long term as these blankets help you to greatly reduce your energy consumption when used instead of central heating.

Electric Blanket Description

This energy saving electric blanket made by Dreamland will help you to save on your heating bills. Who doesn’t want to save in these tough economic times? You will be glad to know that you can run this electric blanket for as little as 2p per night. It is not only great for warming your bed and saving you money it is also great to keep your bed healthy. Once you use this single electric blanket regularly you will find that you reduce the amount of allergens as well as make the mattress so that it cannot breed dust mites!

With your purchase you will get the single Fleece under blanket as well as one detachable control, an instruction manual and a reusable bag for storage.

Electric Blanket Features

  • 10 minute heat up time
  • Patented technology
  • Made from soft fleece
  • Secures to bed with the use of tie tapes
  • Energy efficient
  • Countdown timer
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Nine temperature settings
  • Three year manufacturer’s guarantee

Electric Blanket Consumer Reviews

One consumer stated how much she loves this blanket and can’t believe she was going through so many winters prior to owning it. She highly recommends the product saying it is a must have for the winter but can be used throughout the year as well.

Dreamland Fleece Single Electric Under Blanket  ControlOne consumer stated that the initial set up of the blanket was a bit tedious but that once securely tied to the bed it stayed in place and didn’t need to adjust it again. They state that it takes the manufacturer stated time of 10 minutes to heat up and they are just delighted with that fact. They also love the fact that they can leave the blanket on overnight.

Another customer stated that the heating was good and the fast heat up time is perfect. They also love the idea of being able to change the temperature as needed in the night. They went on to talk about how the controller is easy to see. One problem this consumer had was that the blanket was a bit short for their height. This caused them to have to sleep on their side, curled up slightly so that their feet could keep warm. The problem with this is that it gives the owner backaches but they still agree that the warmth is great and went on to say that someone shorter than them would find it absolutely perfect.

One consumer who has purchased a number of different single under blankets from different manufacturers stated that they were happy the day they fitted their Dreamland single electric blanket to their bed. This consumer stated that this electric blanket was the best purchase they made in their life. They love the fact that it thoroughly covers the bed and with the large amount of temperature settings you are sure to find that perfect temperature for a great night’s sleep. They further went on to state that they would definitely recommend the product to anyone in search of a single electric blanket.


This is definitely one of the best electric blankets you will find on the market, with 10 heat settings, instant heat technology and patented safety features you won’t find anywhere else this blanket is a must have.


Very tall persons may find this electric blanket a bit short but overall it is a great product and does the job effectively.


Being another highly popular electric blanket from Dreamland, it should deliver everything they say it would, and for that reason it surely deserves a closer look.

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Lloytron Electric Blanket for Single Beds

Lloytron Electric Blanket for Single BedsThe Lloytron Electric Blanket for single beds is a great addition to any home. Whether for the kids or for guests this is the perfect choice as it is as practical as it is affordable. This single electric blanket is the perfect choice when you want to keep the winter visitors warm without ending up with a huge heating bill your next billing cycle. It is affordable to purchase as it is to run and this is why we decided to review this blanket.

Continue reading down this page to find all the information you need to help make your decision as to which electric blanket to buy. We have compiled information about the description of the product as well as its features. These two sub headings will help you see what sets the blanket apart from other electric blankets on the market. You will find out how the blanket works and how owning one has its many advantages. If you read further you will also find electric blanket reviews from real customers who have used this blanket in their homes. We will further summarize the pros and the cons of the Lloytron single Electric blanket towards the end of this review.

Electric Blanket Description

This electric blanket is suitable for all night use, being approved by the BEAB you can feel comfortable knowing your child or other loved one is safe. It secures to the bed via bed ties and features overheat protection.  This electric blanket is machine washable and so you can launder it with the rest of your bedding. It features three different temperature settings and has a quick heat up feature as well.

Electric Blanket Features

  • For Use with a Single/Twin bed
  • Fast heat up time
  • Three different temperature settings
  • Machine washable
  • Fastens with bed ties
  • BEAB approved
  • Overheat protection

Electric Blanket Consumer Reviews

One owner of this particular Lloytron electric blanket was happy at how quickly the item arrived at their house after purchasing it online. She loved that it was a perfect fit for her bed from mid neck to her feet and she is 5’9. She loves the three settings saying they are just about adequate and she wouldn’t need any more heat. She also praised the way it could heat up quickly and stay on all night on the first temperature setting.

One other customer stated that upon opening the package the blanket seemed a bit narrow but it turned out that it fit the bed well enough for her to keep warm at night though there was spaces left at the edges. She also applauded the quick heat up feature so it doesn’t take forever to get into a warm bed.

One other customer stated that the price was excellent for the quality. She loved the heat up quick feature and would buy this same electric blanket again if she had to do it all over again.

One customer who purchased it right before winter commented that this single electric blanket was their saviour throughout the winter. Setting one was ideal for the entire night when the temperatures were mild and setting three was just excellent when the temperatures got extreme. She commented that it was a bit narrow but she slept in the middle of the bed and all was fine so that is not a deal breaker for her neither should it be for you. She is overall happy with this electric blanket as many times before she had heard stories about heated blankets that turned out to be a mess in every sense of the word. She highly recommends this product saying that no one would be disappointed in this blanket at the great price it retails for.

One customer who ordered two for beds in their caravan says they are ideal and they fit perfectly. They warm well too especially when you are sleeping in a caravan you really need some extra warmth and these blankets did the trick.

Another customer who finds the blanket narrow isn’t bothered too much by that attribute as they say it is the warmth that matters which this blanket delivers extremely well. She says the electric blanket continues to work well for her for the couple months she has had it and look forward to many cold nights knowing she has this item.


This electric blanket comes affordably priced and features BEAB approval which is one of the highest standards of safety in electronic equipment worldwide.


Quite a number of owners mentioned that the blanket is on the narrow side leaving a space at the edge of the bed.


If you are looking for a reliable and affordable single electric blanket than this one should satisfy your needs perfectly.

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Homefront Fully Fitted Washable Single Size Mattress Cover/Electric Blanket

Homefront Single Electric BlanketThe Homefront fully fitted washable Single Mattress Cover is ideal for putting on every bed in your home. It is ideal for your kid’s rooms as well as for your guest room and at such an affordable price you can afford to purchase as many as are necessary to keep everyone in your household from having to sleep in a cold bed or in five different sets of clothing. This is currently one of the best selling electric blankets suitable for use on a single bed and that is why we have chosen to review this electric blanket.

It is fully fitted so it sticks to the bed effortlessly. This also means a comfortable nights rest for all who sleep on a bed with this electric blanket. It is very cushy thus providing sleepers with added comfort as they sleep. This means it can be placed on top of old mattresses and you should feel an improvement to how the mattress felt prior to having this electric blanket placed on your bed. It is made of 100% polyester making it breathable and adding to the list of reasons it is comfortable.

Continue reading further to find out about all the great features of this little electric blanket and why it is a good buy for you.

Homefront Single Electric Blanket Description

This electric blanket works just like your fitted sheet and hence the reason it is called the mattress cover. You install the blanket as you would a mattress cover, below your fitted sheet. Since it has that mattress cover design you never have to worry about it sliding off while you move around in your sleep and bunching and becoming all over uncomfortable. It has extra foot warmth which is something you won’t find in other electric bedding of this size.

Made by Homefront you know you are getting real value for your money and the best electric blanket as well. It has a quick heat up time and comes with 3 heat settings making it comfortable for all night usage.

Homefront Single Electric Blanket Features

• Multiple heat settings
• Perfect for all night use
• Made of 100% polyester
• Machine washable
• Features overheat protection
• Comes with a 2 year warranty
• Heats up in 15 minutes
• Has a digital timer that allows you to preset a time for the blanket to come on
• Features extra foot warmth; a feature unique to this brand in this size
• Features an elasticized skirt allowing it to fit perfectly to the mattress

Homefront Single Electric Blanket Consumer Reviews

Consumers have nothing but praises for this particular Homefront blanket. They love the quality they get for the price. One consumer commented that the digital timer was quite a luxury though they didn’t use it themselves. They love how comfortable it is and the fact that they don’t have to wait a whole hour for it to heat up. Other reviewers simply stated that they were satisfied with the product and would recommend it for anyone needing an electric blanket of this size.

Homefront Single Electric Blanket washingOne consumer purchased this electric blanket for her daughter as she already owned the double version for herself. It was her experience with her own that drove her to make the decision to purchase the same brand in the appropriate size for her daughter. So far she hasn’t been let down by either of the blankets and her daughter loves her blanket and the warmth it provides. Her daughter hailed the electric blanket as being super easy to fit and is happy as she can now get a great night’s sleep in a warm comfy bed. She went on to say that the blanket heats evenly so she can be warm all over even when she moves around in bed. She is now able to get a better night’s sleep as she now sleeps through the entire night.

Another consumer commented that this electric blanket was purchased for a camper they use from time to time and the level of comfort they felt after using it caused them to go out and purchase another warmer for their regular bed from the same brand.


Is great quality, made from 100% polyester and featuring an elasticized skirt for easy fitting to your mattress. It comes at an affordable price so it can fit anybody’s wallet and has a great feature – the digital timer.


Of all the reviews we have looked at no one had anything to say about the product that would cause any one not to purchase it.


There is nothing much we can say really apart from how confident we all our about this product. It is of the highest quality at a very affordable price, with literally 100s of happy costumers. This electric blanket will not disappoint.

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Dreamland Fleece Single Under Electric Blanket

Dreamland Fleece Electric BlanketOn average the Dreamland Fleece Single Under Blanket received a four star review on a prominent retailer’s website. Dreamland is known for staying ahead of the pack when it comes to safety in electric bedding. It is with this in mind and the good rating of the Single Fleece under blanket that we have decided to do a review on this product. Though it is a bit on the pricy side for a blanket of this size you still get the value of what you pay for.

If you continue reading you will find out what all the features of this blanket are that make it worth that little extra money. You will find the product description as well as the features of the blanket such as the amount of heat settings, the safety rating and its cost effectiveness among other things. Further you will find what consumers are saying about the product which will help you to make a better decision of whether or not it will be a good purchase for you. We won’t only tell you the good stuff though; if there are any negatives we will give you that as well to ensure that you receive an unbiased review.

Dreamland Fleece Electric Blanket Description

The Dreamland brand has been making heated bedding for quite a long time and they have only gotten better over the years. This product is a great example of how they have developed a better product. This particular electric blanket like other Dreamland blankets is covered with the ten level safety systems that are patented to ensure you the safest possible heated blanket.

Dreamland Fleece Electric Blanket controlIt is very economical and allows you to save on your heating and electricity bill if you turn off your central heating or turn it down. Not only is the heat from the electric blanket perfect for keeping you warm but it is also suitable for ensuring that you sleep on a healthy bed each and every night.

It is made of a washable material which is properly sealed so you don’t have to worry about water getting in contact with the wires. It can easily be laundered with your other bedding. With your purchase you get the under blanket, the detachable control, the instructions booklet ad a reusable storage bag made from pvc material.

Dreamland Fleece Electric Blanket Features

• Instant heat technology that heats blanket in 10 minutes
• Made of luxurious fleece
• Secures to mattress with the use of tie tapes
• Affordable to operate costing approximately 1p per night
• Auto shut off
• A countdown timer
• Nine heat settings
• A single detachable control
• Patented safety system that can switch off the blanket if there is a problem with the electricity connection
• 3 year guarantee

Consumer Reviews – Dreamland Fleece Electric Blanket

One consumer commented on how much they love this electric blanket and “can’t imagine” how they managed to survive prior to purchasing it. No longer will she have trouble sleeping because her apartment is so cold now that she has this piece of electric bedding. She commented that they are true to their quick heat up time of 10 minutes. She went on to say that it holds the heat very well also so you will be “nice and toasty” all night long which is wonderful if you live in a really cold house or apartment or on those really cold winter nights. She went on to say that she definitely recommends this electric blanket and says that anyone will not feel like they wasted their money if they make this purchase.

One other consumer who already owned the double bed version to this under blanket purchased this size for the bed of their son. They commented that it was great value for their money on both purchases. She loves the timer that allows the electric blanket to not operate over 75 minutes and says she defiantly recommends the product. She feels safe knowing her son is comfy and safe at night and can get a good night’s rest.


One of the best things about this under blanket is that is made by Dreamland, a leader in the field of electric bedding. It also has a patented safety system that you will only find on Dreamland products.


The one thing consumers didn’t like too much is the tie tapes as they are kind of “fidgety” according to one consumer. But as far as heating is concerned the product works perfectly fine.


Based on the quality of this product, the actual consumer reviews and the reputation of the manufacturer we are certainly confident that this electric blanket will deliver.

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