Morphy Richards Single Heated Under Blanket

Morphy Richards Single Heated Under Electric BlanketThis particular electric blanket is made by a name that is not as widely known for their electric bedding range. Still it has managed to garner some really good reviews on the internet so we decided to look into it and tell you what we found. As a result of our research on this seemingly great product we have decided to write this review.

We have included information about the product from a number of sources. We first want to tell you what we found out from the makers of the product then we will further tell you what the electric blanket reviews on this product are saying. The great thing is not only does this product have some great reviews but it also comes reasonably priced as well below the cost of other electric blankets of its size.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from reading through this entire publication. Then will you be able to purchase the right electric blanket for you whether or not it is this Morphy Richards electric blanket.

Electric Blanket Description

When you purchase your Morphy Richards electric blanket you will get a package containing the electric blanket and an instruction manual. The product measures 121 cm x 61 cm and is both machine wash and tumble dry safe. The design features ultra-thin wires which you will not feel through your bedding to keep you awake at night. It has a preheat function that allows you to preheat it and use it all night long for all night comfort. It is equipped with overheat protection for your safety and conforms to the highest safety standards in the UK.

Electric Blanket Features

  • Safe for all night use
  • Meets all safety standards
  • Ultra thing wires
  • Machine washable
  • Tumble Dry safe
  • Overheat protection
  • 121 x 61 cm
  • Preheat settings
  • 3 temperature levels
  • Extra foot warmth
  • Three year manufacturers guarantee

Electric Blanket Consumer Reviews

One owner of this electric blanket called it excellent. He loves that there are three settings and uses the blanket all year round on the different settings for a cosy bed. He had the opportunity to purchase this blanket on a special offer, so he was able to get this electric blanket at an even further reduced price.

One father who bought the product for his son recommends it highly. His son used to wake frequently because he was just too cold. Thanks to this electric blanket he now sleeps soundly throughout the entire night. The usual routine is to turn it on around 15 minutes before bed and by the time he gets in it is just warm enough so he can be comfortable all night leaving it at the first setting. Knowing that it is BEAB approved gives him added piece of mind at night so he can also sleep well knowing his baby is safe.

One gentleman purchased this for his girlfriend for when he would be out of town. She initially didn’t use it as she had some electric blankets in the past that didn’t really do what they were supposed to. She had the chance to sleep on it one night and fell in love with it ever since. The boyfriend loved the price (he purchased online as it was cheaper there than in the store) and said he would definitely buy this electric blanket again and so would recommend it to anyone.

One consumer applauded the product saying it does exactly what the manufacturer said it would and that it was super easy to use.

One person bought one blanket, fell in love then purchased three more. She uses them for her kids beds and loves that they are warm enough but not too hot. She definitely recommends this product to anyone with kids and you don’t have to worry about the safety of using the blanket all night as it is BEAB approved.

One person who ordered this item online related that it arrived in a timely manner and was properly packaged. They fitted it to the required bed turned it on and it worked and they needed nothing more than that to give this product a five star review.


Many pros, the main one being that it has BEAB approval which is not only recognized in Britain but also on a worldwide level.


Some of these blankets may take a bit more than 15 minutes to heat up nicely depending on how much heat you want. This is not a fault though as you see it in the instruction manual.


The number of great reviews and Morphy Richards reliable name both suggest that this electric blanket can be a great purchase.

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