Morphy Richards Double Heated Under Blanket

This Morphy Richards electric blanket is a great little blanket and that is why we have decided to review it today.  We are sorry that the product image is a bit blurry but that is what we managed to get from the manufacturer. NeverthelessYou can be sure that this under blanket is a good choice whether for your own bed or if you are getting multiple blankets for the guest bed or beds in your house.

Morphy Richards Double Heated Under Blanket - Electric BlanketWe have compiled information received from the manufacturer to include the description of the product along with the features of the product. Then you will find some electric blanket reviews which will let you know what people love about this particular double blanket.

Electric Blanket Description

With your purchase you will receive the electric blanket and an instruction manual. This blanket is held in place by tie tapes and will stay snugly fit once you properly install the under blanket.  It is very cost effective and will only cost you approximately 2 p to run for the night.

It is backed by medical professionals who agree that this blanket is great for relieving joint pain, sore and stiff joints and can treat muscle spasms helping your muscles to relax so that you can have a good night’s rest. The ultra thin wires ensure that you are able to sleep in comfort and the electric blanket is BEAB approved. It is machine washable and tumble dry safe and features extra foot warmth.

Electric Blanket Features

  • Made from soft fleece fabric
  • Machine Washable
  • Tumble dry safe
  • Ultra thin wires for all night comfort
  • Preheat option
  • Overheat protection
  • Safe for all night use
  • Extra foot warmth
  • BEAB approved
  • Three temperature settings
  • Revisable material
  • Three year manufacturers guarantee

Electric Blanket Consumer Reviews

One reviewer purchased this electric blanket for a 92 year old man. He says that the user is delighted with the blanket and finds the control easy to use so that he can select different heat settings easily if necessary. It is perfect since it has overheat protection so they can both feel safe knowing that if there is a problem it will automatically switch off. He said he had a lot of praises for the product and would recommend it to anyone.

Another reviewer commented that upon opening their packaging they thought the blanket looked a little small. She stated that it was very effective though and heated up in less than 20 minutes. She stated that the three heat settings are just perfect for her and she can sleep with it on setting one all night. She loves that it is so cheap to run and as such she has no problem with running it all night. She stated she could not do without this electric blanket on a cold winter’s night.

Another reviewer wrote a short review stating that the blanket was easy to use with simple controls and three heat settings. It does what it is supposed to do and that is all one really asks for in an electric blanket.

Another reviewer praises this blanket saying that for the first time in a long while he can sleep at night with warm feet. It was the extra foot warmth feature that prompted him to purchase this blanket and he loves it.

Another reviewer who purchased this electric blanket stated that they didn’t really know what to expect as this was their first purchase of electric bedding. All in all after the first use they thought the blanket was just brilliant. It heated up within 15 minutes and she was able to comfortably sleep with the blanket on all night.


This double electric blanket is made from soft fleece material that is machine washable so it can be laundered with the rest of your bedding. It is also tumble dry safe.


Very few reviewers commented that the blanket did not fully cover their mattress and was a bit on the small side leaving an edge on the outside where there was no warmth.


This piece of electric bedding is suitable for anyone who needs a double electric blanket. It has a number of great features but is still simple to use and effective as it does what an electric blanket should do.

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