Lloytron Electric Blanket for Single Beds

Lloytron Electric Blanket for Single BedsThe Lloytron Electric Blanket for single beds is a great addition to any home. Whether for the kids or for guests this is the perfect choice as it is as practical as it is affordable. This single electric blanket is the perfect choice when you want to keep the winter visitors warm without ending up with a huge heating bill your next billing cycle. It is affordable to purchase as it is to run and this is why we decided to review this blanket.

Continue reading down this page to find all the information you need to help make your decision as to which electric blanket to buy. We have compiled information about the description of the product as well as its features. These two sub headings will help you see what sets the blanket apart from other electric blankets on the market. You will find out how the blanket works and how owning one has its many advantages. If you read further you will also find electric blanket reviews from real customers who have used this blanket in their homes. We will further summarize the pros and the cons of the Lloytron single Electric blanket towards the end of this review.

Electric Blanket Description

This electric blanket is suitable for all night use, being approved by the BEAB you can feel comfortable knowing your child or other loved one is safe. It secures to the bed via bed ties and features overheat protection.  This electric blanket is machine washable and so you can launder it with the rest of your bedding. It features three different temperature settings and has a quick heat up feature as well.

Electric Blanket Features

  • For Use with a Single/Twin bed
  • Fast heat up time
  • Three different temperature settings
  • Machine washable
  • Fastens with bed ties
  • BEAB approved
  • Overheat protection

Electric Blanket Consumer Reviews

One owner of this particular Lloytron electric blanket was happy at how quickly the item arrived at their house after purchasing it online. She loved that it was a perfect fit for her bed from mid neck to her feet and she is 5’9. She loves the three settings saying they are just about adequate and she wouldn’t need any more heat. She also praised the way it could heat up quickly and stay on all night on the first temperature setting.

One other customer stated that upon opening the package the blanket seemed a bit narrow but it turned out that it fit the bed well enough for her to keep warm at night though there was spaces left at the edges. She also applauded the quick heat up feature so it doesn’t take forever to get into a warm bed.

One other customer stated that the price was excellent for the quality. She loved the heat up quick feature and would buy this same electric blanket again if she had to do it all over again.

One customer who purchased it right before winter commented that this single electric blanket was their saviour throughout the winter. Setting one was ideal for the entire night when the temperatures were mild and setting three was just excellent when the temperatures got extreme. She commented that it was a bit narrow but she slept in the middle of the bed and all was fine so that is not a deal breaker for her neither should it be for you. She is overall happy with this electric blanket as many times before she had heard stories about heated blankets that turned out to be a mess in every sense of the word. She highly recommends this product saying that no one would be disappointed in this blanket at the great price it retails for.

One customer who ordered two for beds in their caravan says they are ideal and they fit perfectly. They warm well too especially when you are sleeping in a caravan you really need some extra warmth and these blankets did the trick.

Another customer who finds the blanket narrow isn’t bothered too much by that attribute as they say it is the warmth that matters which this blanket delivers extremely well. She says the electric blanket continues to work well for her for the couple months she has had it and look forward to many cold nights knowing she has this item.


This electric blanket comes affordably priced and features BEAB approval which is one of the highest standards of safety in electronic equipment worldwide.


Quite a number of owners mentioned that the blanket is on the narrow side leaving a space at the edge of the bed.


If you are looking for a reliable and affordable single electric blanket than this one should satisfy your needs perfectly.

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