Lloytron Double Electric Blanket

Lloytron Double Electric BlanketIf you are looking for an electric blanket for a double sized bed then this blanket by Lloytron should definitely be on your list of possibilities. It is an affordable choice for anyone who needs an electric blanket or who need multiple blankets. It is not just an affordable choice up front but also an affordable choice over the long run as it helps to cut down your heating bill and can do so drastically if you totally turn off your central heating.

It is a simple blanket with only three temperature settings but it is very effective in keeping your bed warm. It is suitable for all night use and allows you to pre-heat your bed. With all these great features we couldn’t help but do a review on this electric blanket.

Read further to find a description of the product as well as the features of the product and some electric blanket reviews. We have also given a brief synopsis of the pros and the cons of the product. All of this is done in an effort to help you find all the information you need to make your purchase decision in one place.

Electric Blanket Description

This electric blanket has all you need in an electric blanket. It is simple to use with only three heat settings and two controls which can be removed for washing. It is secured to the bed using bed ties, has three temperature settings and is perfectly safe for all night use. It is a great piece of electric bedding that is sold at a reasonable price given the high end features it has including the dual control.

It is energy saving costing just a couple pennies per night to run and can be run all night at a fraction of the cost of your central heating. It is a machine washable electric blanket so that you are able to wash it with the rest of your bedding. Just remember to detach the controls prior to washing.

Electric Blanket Features

  • Three temperature settings
  • Overheat protection
  • Safe for all night use
  • Can be preheated
  • Machine Washable
  • Dual Control
  • Two detachable controls
  • Fits your standard double bed
  • Comes with manufacturers guarantee

Electric Blanket Consumer Reviews

One owner purchased this electric blanket so that his wife could be warm and he could be cool while sleeping in the same bed. He loves the three temperature settings saying that nothing more is needed. He says that they use the blanket on the first setting comfortably for the entire night. They both love this product and would definitely recommend saying that it is a great product for the price.

Another gentleman who purchased this for his wife so that he wouldn’t need to make her hot water bottles loves this electric blanket to death. He said that he left the blanket running for 12 straight hours with no problems. He says his wife is so happy with this blanket and the fact that she no longer needs to use hot water bottles. All in all they are both happy with this double electric blanket and would recommend its purchase.

One person said that this was their first piece of electric blanket and though they can’t compare it to anything they love it very much and believe it was worth the purchase. She stated that the blanket provided good value for money and it does what it’s supposed to.

She would love if the blanket could fit a little more snugly but is happy nonetheless as the electric blanket is warm and comfortable and you don’t feel the wires while you sleep. She loves the price and would recommend the electric blanket on that note alone but also to couples who have different requirements as to the amount of heat they need to sleep comfortably at night.


This electric blanket has a lot of great features that make it advantageous. It has the dual control feature that allows each side to be controlled separately and has adequate temperature settings for a warm night’s rest for anyone.


Two customers who purchased this blanket had the problem of one side going bad within a month of purchasing the product which of course was covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee.


This Lloytron double electric blanket is a great buy. It comes at a really affordable price and provides you with the same heating as the more expensive versions. It is perfect for using if you want to keep your heating bill down and will do wonders for giving you a good night’s rest. This electric blanket is definitely a good buy and you will find it well worth it.

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