Homefront King Size Mattress Cover/Electric Blanket – Review

Homefront king size electric mattress cover, electric blanketThe Homefront Fully Fitted King Size Washable Mattress Cover with Dual Control is a great choice for your warming needs while you sleep. This is currently one of the best selling items in the electric blanket category. The product has over 50 customer reviews with 38 of them being five star reviews and the remaining are four star reviews. This piece of electric mattress cover is very affordable for its size and features. It’s amazing to see it so affordably priced as it is one of the best on the market.


In this review you will find out all the details of this product including its description, its uses and what makes it the best. You will find a product description below which teaches you everything you need to know about this king size dual control mattress cover warmer.  You will find also the advantages and any disadvantages of the product and you don’t have to take our word for it as we will include some customer reviews as well.


The bottom line is that you won’t be disappointed if you purchase this product; it will keep you warm on a cold night and keep your electricity down too.

Product Description

This piece of electric bedding measures 203 x 152 cm and is machine washable at an optimal temperature of 40 degrees. It is also suitable to be tumble dried in the dryer as well, so you can clean it with the rest of your bedding. It is not an under  blanket so those of us who are less than still sleepers don’t have to worry about it not staying in place for the entire night. There are no ties or tie tapes to contend with as the electric blanket can be fitted to your bed just like you would do your fitted sheet. This makes it easy to put on as well as take off when you are ready to have it cleaned.

Running this blanket costs a mere 2p per night and if you live alone, this can drastically reduce your electricity bill by turning off your central heating and using the electric blanket for all your warming needs during the night.

This heated blanket features a dual control so you and your partner can have different settings. There are three heat settings and the blanket can be heated in 15 minutes. It is suitable for all night use and further saves energy when you sleep alone as only one side of the blanket will be turned on and consuming energy. It also has extra foot warmth for your utmost comfort.

Electric Mattress Cover Features

  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Features advanced overheat protection
  • Is a CE approved product
  • Features low energy consumption
  • Features  dual control
  • Features extra foot warmth
  • Comes with  a 2 year warranty


Electric Blanket – Consumer Reviews


One consumer described this electric blanket as excellent. He stated that the three heat settings are all he needs and that anybody can find them adequate. He loved the fact that the blanket helped to reduce his electricity bill as he was able after making the purchase to turn off some aspects of his heating system.

Another gentleman bought the blanket for his wife mainly and that is why he chose a blanket that featured the dual control; he didn’t think he would use it much but soon changed his mind. He now recommends this electric blanket to anyone who needs one. It went on to say that it was easy to put on the bed, fits snugly and it heats up quickly. He noted that he has a mattress cover over the blanket so it takes more than 15 minutes to heat up but just around 20 minutes.

One consumer says she loves the blanket’s dual control since her husband doesn’t like to sleep with the blanket on.


The product is an energy efficient product that is sold at a very affordable price. It allows you to easily and affordably have a warm night’s sleep and gives you the opportunity for both you and your partner to have separate temperature settings.


The only problem a couple of consumers had with this particular electric blanket is a band across the bottom that is a bit colder than the rest of the bed. And one consumer says they wish it had a fourth heat setting.


Based on all the positive reviews we have come across and the affordable price we feel that this electric blanket can be a really good buy.

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