Dreamland Double Mattress Protector with Dual Control

Dreamland Double Mattress Protector with Dual Control - Electric BlanketHere is an electric blanket that has received a large number of five star reviews. A blanket that has been around for a while and that is made by one of the best manufacturers of electric bedding in the UK.

If you don’t already own this blanket but want to purchase a double electric blanket this could be the ideal one. The blanket is sold at an affordable price but has a lot of state of the art features that make it worth a lot more than you have seen it selling for.

Thanks to electric blanket reviews you don’t have to buy an electric blanket blindly.

Here you will not only find reviews on this product to help with your purchase decision but you will also find a section that describes this particular electric blanket. There is also a section that deals with the features of the blanket followed by the consumer reviews.

Electric Blanket Description

With your purchase you get your fleece double electric blanket with two removable controls, an instruction manual and a reusable storage bag. The blanket features advanced micro-circuitry that allows it to respond to your body’s temperature giving you the best balance of heat throughout the night. It adjusts the temperature accordingly as you warm or cool ensuring you have a good sleep all night and won’t have to wake up to adjust the temperature settings. Then there is the patented Dreamland 10 level safety system that is BEAB approved.

It can be washed in the washing machine and can be safely tumble dried just remember to remove the controls before you clean. It fits a standard double size mattress and the elasticized skirt ensures it can snugly fit any double mattress of any thickness.

Electric Blanket Control Features

  • 10 minute heat up time
  • Made from luxurious fleece
  • Fully fitted design
  • Cost efficient
  • 9 temperature settings
  • Auto shut off
  • Countdown timer
  • Dual control
  • Three year manufacturers guarantee

Electric Blanket Consumer Reviews

One consumer purchased this product to get rid of dust mites since they heard that electric blankets can help make your bed either by killing and preventing dust mites. They also read that it was perfect for reducing allergies and based their purchase decision on that fact. They love the adjustable settings and the soft material that the blanket is made out of.

Dreamland Double Mattress Protector with Dual Control ImageAnother owner of this electric blanket loves the fact that it keeps his extremities warm. He stated that he always had cold feet and even when he wore bed socks it would still be a challenge to sleep comfortably for the entire night. This problem went away when he purchased this blanket and as such he is willing to recommend it to anyone who requires a double size electric blanket.

One owner said she loved the fact that she could have a warm and relaxing night’s rest without heating the entire house. She loves that this little electric blanket has served her over the years and she states that if it ever breaks she would go out and get an additional dreamland blanket that was the same as this.

Another consumer who made the purchase of this electric blanket for her aged mother loves the fact that the blanket keeps her mom warm and keeps the heating off so that there is less money spent on heating. It was easy to fit to the bed so even she can do it without much trouble. The controls have a simple layout that was perfect for her mom and with the timers you don’t have to worry about her putting them on.


Made form soft fleece material and featuring state of the art technological features that allows you to comfortably sleep all night knowing that even if you don’t remember to turn it off you will still be fine due to the number of settings.


Two customers mentioned that their controllers broke fairly quickly after just a few uses. This however is covered by the manufacturer’s generous 3 year guarantee.


We believe this product a great choice with a number of features that you won’t find elsewhere. This electric blanket is worth every penny and there are a huge number of people who will agree with us on that note.

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