Singe Electric Blanket Reviews

We reviewed 5 of the best selling, highest rated, most affordably priced single electric blankets available in the United Kindom. Reviews include product descriptions as well as ratings and actual reviews from buyers. Scroll down to read our reviews. You can also check current prices for these great heated blankets.
Product ImageProduct DescriptionBest Offer Found*
Homefront Fully Fitted Washable Single Size Mattress CoverHomefront Fully Fitted Washable Single Size Mattress Cover

Ratings: 5.0
• Multiple heat settings
• Machine washable
• Features overheat protection
• Comes with a 2 year warranty

25% Off

Dreamland Mattress Protector Fleece Single BlanketDreamland Mattress Protector Fleece Single Blanket

Ratings: 4.5
• 10 minute heat up time
• Luxurious fleece material
• Auto shut off
• Three year manufacturer’s guarantee

33% Off

Lloytron Electric Blanket for Single BedsLloytron Electric Blanket for Single Beds

Ratings: 4.5
• Fast heat up time
• Machine washable
• BEAB approved
• Overheat protection
Dreamland Fleece Single Electric Under BlanketDreamland Fleece Single Electric Under Blanket

Ratings: 4.0
• 10 minute heat up time
• Patented technology
• Nine temperature settings
• Three year manufacturer’s guarantee
Morphy Richards Single Heated Under BlanketMorphy Richards Single Heated Under Blanket

Ratings: 3.5
• Meets all safety standards
• Machine washable
• Tumble Dry safe
• Extra foot warmth

42% Off

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A Great Single Electric Blanket:

If you are on the market for a single electric blanket here you will find an electric blanket that gives you the best deal for your money.

single electric blanketThe Morphy Richards Under Blanket single electric blanket. This electric blanket is made from polyester and boasts three heat settings and attaches to the mattress with tie cords. It is completely safe to have it washed in the washing machine and it is also safe for tumble drying. It has the very sought after feature of extra foot warmth and carries overheat protection as well. The blanket is very comfortable and features energy efficient wires that are very thin for your comfort. It conforms to all of the European safety standards, is BEAB approved and is suitable for all night use.

This single electric blanket is one of the more feature packed electric blankets on the market. It contains features such as extra foot warmth which you generally only find in larger sized blankets. This is an ideal feature for those of us who have extra cold feet. It also provides the owner with ease of care as it can be laundered with the rest of the bedding in your washing machine.

The three different heat levels make it ideal for you to change the amount of warmth needed as the night changes. Many times the night gets colder as you get closer to the morning and this single electric blanket makes it easy for one to wake up and turn up the heat a notch. It also has a quick heat up time so you can turn it on, take a shower and hop into a warm bed. Just remember to drop the temperature to one that you will be comfortable with for the rest of the night so that you won’t have to interrupt your sleep.

Single Electric Blanket – Safety

This single electric blanket and all other blankets from this manufacturer is BEAB approved so you can enjoy an entire nights rest knowing that you are safe using this electric blanket. The BEAB approval ensures you that the blanket has gone through a rigorous testing procedure to prevent all kinds of detrimental situations possible when using an electric blanket. It is these tests that caused the blanket to be outfitted with a built in system for protection that allows it to shut off automatically once the temperature reaches a dangerous or uncomfortable level. It also shuts off if there are any malfunctions in the connection or when any unsafe situation arises.

This single electric blanket is very cost efficient and can run on less than 2p a night. This can mean huge savings on your electricity bill if you turn your central heating off at nights and instead use this little blanket. They are also very affordable so you can get each member of your household one and have an extra one on hand for visitors.

If you suffer from pains and aches related to arthritis or other injuries and muscle spasms you can use this single electric blanket for heat therapy that is great for all kinds of injuries where no inflammation is present.

We review Single Electric Blanket products as well as other types throughout our website, so please take a look around and let us help you choose a great electric blanket.