Monogram KFF Tranquillity King Size Fully Fitted & Fleecy Heated Under Blanket/Electric Blanket

Monongramm KFF electric blanketThe Monogram KFF Tranquillity King Size Under Blanket is a great choice for heating your bed if you are looking for a top quality electric blanket. It has mainly five star reviews and some four star reviews as well. It is little more costly than other King Size electric blankets but still affordably priced.

It is large enough to fit your King Size bed (which can’t be said of other brands and manufacturers) and provides you with all the warmth you need on a cold winter’s night while not adding much to your electricity bill. It is an under blanket but is created in an easy to attach fitted sheet style for your convenience so you don’t have to contend with the usual ties that are associated with under blankets. This electric blanket is practical, aesthetic and affordable all in one.

This review will give you further insight into the many features of this Monogram King Size electric blanket. You will find out more about its features, its pros and cons and will get to read about what owners of the product have to say about it. You will learn how it is set apart in the industry of electric blankets and you will also get to see what a good purchase decision you would be making if you decided to buy this heated under blanket.

Monogram KFF Electric Blanket Description

This electric blanket features the much sought after dual control and is made of a fleece like fabric which makes it even more comfortable. It is approximately 6.7 feet by 4.11 feet in size. It is approved by the BEAB so you know that it follows the most stringent safety guidelines and has passed all possible safety checks making it safe to be used all night. I heats up quickly and has six different heat settings so you can find the right temperature for your needs. Though this is an under blanket it fits to the bed like a mattress cover making comfortable and convenient for taking off and putting on. It features a power boost setting that allows you to warm your bed in as little as 10 minutes. You have the ability to set a timer for turning off your blanket in the event that you don’t want it to run all night. It can be timed in increments of two, six, nine and twelve hours.

Monogram KFF Electric Blanket Features

  • Features BEAB approval
  • Safe for all night use
  • Safe for use in both the washer and dryer
  • Made from fleecy material for added warmth and comfort
  • Features dual control
  • 6 heat settings
  • Provides extra foot warmth
  • Has a turbo pre heating option
  • Features a variable timer
  • Has a 3 year warranty

Electric Blanket – Consumer Reviews

Consumers who own this product say it does exactly what the box says it will do. They sing high praises about the variable timer, the many control settings and the dual control features. Some say it is easy to use and one particular consumer which bought it for their 97 year old grandmother said that her grandma used it and had no complaints and she is the type of grandma that grumbles about everything.

Other consumers describe the product simple as cosy, lovely and warm. One consumer who has been using electric blankets in excess of 40 years says that this is the best one they have ever owned. He loves how it stays put because of the “mattress cover” design and he loves the fleecy material that makes it all the more comfortable and warm. He also went on to comment on the design in regards to where the wires are plugged in. He stated that past blankets were uncomfortable in those spots as you could feel the wires but with this electric blanket he doesn’t have that problem.

One thing all the reviewers of this product had in common is the fact that they recommend the purchase of this particular electric blanket. Even those that gave it four stars didn’t have anything negative to say about the blanket.


This electric under blanket is cost efficient being affordable to purchase and also affordable to run. It also has the BEAB approval which puts it at the top of its class when it comes to the electric blanket industry.


We have yet to see a negative remark about this product in any of its reviews.

Our Conclusion

We have chosen to review this product because it had so many great reviews which to us mean that people are generally very happy with their purchase. After reading and compiling so many reviews we are more then happy to recommend this electric blanket to anyone who is on the lookout for a king size product.

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