King Size Electric Blanket Reviews

We reviewed 5 of the best selling, highest rated, most affordable king size electric blankets that are available in the UK. Reviews include ratings, product descriptions and actual reviews from buyers. Scroll down to read our reviews and check current prices for these great products.
Product ImageProduct DescriptionBest Offer Found*
Monogram KFF Electric Under BlanketMonogram King Size Fully Fitted Heated Under Blanket

Ratings: 5.0
• BEAB approved
• Dual control
• Extra foot warmth
• 3 year warranty
Homefront King Size Mattress Cover-Electric BlanketHomefront King Size Washable Mattress Cover with Dual Control

Ratings: 4.5
• 100% polyester
• Overheat protection
• Features extra foot warmth
• 2 year warranty

15% Off

Dreamland Harmony King Size Over Blanket With Dual ControlDreamland Harmony King Size Over Blanket With Dual Control

Ratings: 4.5
• 10 minute heat up
• 9 temperature settings
• Auto shut off
• 2 year manufacturers guarantee

38% Off

Dreamland King Size Fleece Mattress Protector With Dual ControlDreamland King Size Fleece Mattress Protector With Dual Control

Ratings: 4.5
• Ten minute heat up time
• Auto shut off
• Countdown timer
• 3 year manufacturers gurantee

33% Off

Dreamland King Size Fleece Under Blanket With Dual ControlDreamland King Size Fleece Under Blanket With Dual Control

Ratings: 4.0
• Extra foot warmth
• 10 minute heat up time
• Tie tapes for securing to bed
• 3 year manufacturers guarantee

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King Size Electric Blanket – Overview

Ensure you don’t start this winter season without first purchasing a King size electric blanket. It will keep you a lot warmer than your regular blanket and it can help you to keep your electricity bill down by using it and turning down or off your central heating system. These electric blankets tend to have up to ten different heat settings and can stay heated all night so you can be comfortable the entire time. When you start your search for a king size electric blanket you will come upon brands such as HOMEFRONT.

Top Rated King Size Electric Blanket from Homefront

king size electric blanketOne particular electric blanket made by this manufacturer is the HOMEFRONT Fully Fitted Washable King Size Mattress Cover Dual Control. This is a machine washable king size electric blanket that can be washed at 40°C and since it is fully fitted you can easily put it on and take it off the bed just as you would your fitted sheet. It is a highly energy efficient blanket with dual controls, a 15 minute heat up time and three heat settings and it is appropriate for all night use. This blanket is made from 100% polyester and has extra foot warmth and an approved safety system for overheat protection.

Another King Size electric blanket from the HOMEFRONT brand is the premium full fitted luxury fleece mattress cover. This electric blanket has dual control and has individual control of both the body and the feet so your feet can be set to a higher temperature than the rest of your body. This is the only electric blanket on the market that carries such a feature and that shows just how luxurious this blanket is. The blanket features 9 heat settings for the bed as well as nine heat settings for the foot warmer. It allows you the opportunity to heat your bed in 15 minutes and has a timer that can be set to one, five, eight or twelve hours.
HOMEFRONT features a long list of other premium King size electric blankets and they all come at very affordable prices even though they are top of the line. Their blankets feature a control design that you will only find in HOMEFRONT electric blankets. You have the ability to completely control everything about this blanket and that gives you the assurance of an excellent night’s sleep. You won’t have to wake up to adjust the heat settings as long as you set the built in timer to the appropriate time. Since they have dual controls you can now go to bed before or after your spouse and not worry about the other side of the bed as it won’t be using electricity unnecessarily.

King Size Electric Blanket – Safety

In the very unlikely event that your King size electric blanket malfunctions the safety system will shut it down so that you will not be of risk of burns or electrocution. Made from the finest fleece these electric blankets provide you with added comfort and warmth and a feeling of luxury. This king size electric blanket has a five star rating so you know you are purchasing one of the best.

Please take the time to read our reviews as we have reviews many of the best king size electric blanket products as well as others.