Homefront Premium Double Mattress Cover with Dual Control

Homefront Premium Double Mattress Cover with Dual Control - Electric BlanketThis Homefront electric blanket is a part of their premium line of electric bedding. This double electric blanket features dual control and is designed as a mattress cover for easy fitting. It has gotten many positive reviews due to the fact that there are so many features in this double blanket which is not typical of other electric blankets of this size.

It is due to this fact that we have decided to write a review of our own. This benefits you by allowing you to get all your information in one place

Our review will include other electric blanket reviews on this product as well as a description of the product with reviews from buyers.  We will also outline its various features and further summarize the pros and cons of this product.

Electric Blanket Description

This Homefront double electric blanket provides customers with a premium quality product at a very affordable price. This blanket has state of the art controllers that allow you to control the heat for your body as well as for your foot area. It features dual control and is ideal for couples who need different levels of heat to sleep comfortably. It has timers with one, five, eight and twelve hour settings that allow the blanket to automatically shut off after a certain time. It features overheat protection and is suitable for all night use. Made from the softest fleece and in a fully fitted design it is truly a great electric blanket.

Electric Blanket Features

  • Dual Control
  • Individual heat settings for bed and foot warmer
  • 9 settings for the bed
  • 9 settings for the foot warmer
  • Digital controls
  • Fitted mattress cover design
  • Affordable to buy and run
  • Heat up time of 15 minutes
  • 4 timer settings; 1, 5, 8 and 12 hours
  • Machine Washable
  • Tumble dry safe
  • Measures 193 cm x 137 cm

Electric Blanket Consumer Reviews

One owner of the blanket said they are absolutely delighted with their purchase of this electric blanket. She was surprised as to how easily and quickly the blanket heated up and loves the fact that she can safely keep it on all night.

Homefront Premium Double Mattress Cover with Dual Control - Electric BlanketOne other customer stated that they could turn on this blanket and brush your teeth and it would be warm enough to get into bed. She stated that after owning the product for just a month it has already changed her life and the life of her spouse. She loves that this blanket heats the bed so quickly and the fact that it has dual controls makes it easy for her and her husband to use it at different temperature settings.

She says that the blanket has stayed in place from the time it was put on thanks to the fitted mattress cover design. She concluded saying that she couldn’t praise the blanket enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this electric blanket.

One other customer loves the fleece material that makes the blanket so comfortable to the touch. He also loved the fact that it has the mattress cover design which keeps the blanket in place once it is properly fitted. He loves the fact that having a mattress cover on your bed doesn’t make the blanket any less warm and that it still heats up quickly within the 15 minutes it is advertised to.


This electric blanket is one of a kind with the feature of different heat settings for body and for the foot area it is truly one of a kind.


Consumers had nothing negative to say about this electric blanket thus concluding that this blanket is definitely one of the best.


When you are looking for a double electric blanket that will meet all your expectations and more this Homefront blanket is a great pick. It provides you with a premium quality object without the premium quality price. This electric blanket is definitely a good choice for anyone who needs heated bedding.

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