The Homefront Fitted Double Size Mattress Cover with Dual Control

Homefront Fitted Double Size Mattress Cover with Dual Control Electric BlanketThis electric blanket has received over 61 reviews on a popular retailer’s website, with these 61 reviews being five star reviews. With these many great reviews this must be the best double electric blanket on the market or at least one of the best. The blanket is a leader in its class having the very sought after dual control feature.

This makes it perfect for couples and for persons who don’t share their bed but only sleep on one side. It is a great product with a number of great features which are discussed later down in this article. Not only will we provide you with the features of the electric blanket but we will also provide you with a number of electric blanket reviews from actual owners of the product as well as the pros and the cons and our conclusion about the product.

All in all this review is to provide you with information about the Homefront Fitted Double electric blanket so you can decide if it is a good enough product for you and your family.

Electric Blanket Description

This electric blanket is made from 100% polyester and has a fully fitted design that allows you to easily fit the blanket to your mattress. It features an extra deep skirt so that it can fit any size mattress comfortably. It features the dual control setting that allows you to have two different settings on either side of the blanket. It is suitable for all night use with a 15 minute heat up time, three heat settings and extra foot warmth for your comfort. You can feel safe using this electric blanket knowing that it has overheat protection.

Electric Blanket Features

  • Fully fitted design like a mattress cover
  • Dual Control
  • 15 minute heat up time
  • Safe for use all night
  • Extra foot warmth
  • Three temperature settings
  • Advanced overheat protection
  • Machine washable
  • Tumble Dry Safe
  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Two year manufacturer’s warranty

Electric Blanket Consumer Reviews

One owner of this electric blanket stated that it took 26 years of trying to convince his wife that they needed an electric blanket. They decided to choose this particular one because of the dual control feature as she thought she wouldn’t need the heat. He stated that the electric blanket itself was not only a great buy but with the blanket they were able to turn down the heat in their room a lot and are now saving a good amount of money each month especially in those colder months. He stated that his wife who initially thought she wasn’t going to need the blanket actually has her side of the bed set to a warmer temperature setting than he does.

They both love the fact that the blanket is like a mattress cover so it is easy to fit and stays in place once fitted. He also loves two separate controls on each side of the blanket. He says the blanket does heat up in 15 minutes but he allows it to heat for 30 minutes so it can have a nice even heat. He says if you can’t wait that long you can hop into bed after the electric blanket has been on for just five minutes. It won’t be very warm but it won’t be cold either. He commented that this is really a five star product that he would recommend to anyone.

One consumer purchased this double electric blanket after owning one that was less than stellar. He chose this one because it had the fitted design and was very affordable. He stated that the blanket was simple to use and simple is always better in his book. He loves this electric blanket and having gone through quite a number in his lifetime he knows that this is definitely the best one yet.


This electric blanket is simple to use but effective, very cost efficient and comfortable.


One customer noted that the cover was a bit large for their mattress, nothing that a little extra tucking won’t fix though.


If you are on the market for a double electric blanket this Homefront version could be a great choice for you. It has great features and equally great reviews. With so many people recommending its purchase you can be sure that this electric blanket will be worth the buy.

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