Dreamland Mattress Protector Fleece Single Blanket

Dreamland Mattress Protector Fleece Single Blanket - Electric BlanketThis Dreamland electric blanket stands up to all the companies standards. It provides the consumer with the best quality at an affordable price and this is why we have decided to review this product. It also has a number of highly rated reviews on a very popular retail website, giving us enough reason to do a review of this blanket ourselves. Continue reading here to find out what some of those electric blanket reviews are saying. Why is this product the best on the market or among the best? What makes it stand out? What are its features? Find all this and more right here if you continue reading.

The aim of this review is to aid you in your purchase decision. And to do so we have compiled information from the manufacturer to include a description of the product that lets you know what to expect when you make your purchase. To ensure that we remain unbiased we have also included some electric blanket reviews from owners of the product where we let you know exactly what they are saying.

Electric Blanket Description

When you purchase the Dreamland Mattress Protector Fleece Single electric blanket you will find inside the packaging; the blanket, one controller that can be detached, an instruction booklet and a storage bag that can be reused. This is ideal for if the blanket won’t be used but instead stored for when there are visitors.  The blanket itself features a patented technology referred to as “instant heat technology” this is what causes the blanket to heat up in as little as ten minutes. It fits like a fitted sheet with an elasticized skirt so that it can fit any size mattress comfortably. It is quite affordable to run and can save you a good amount of money if used without the rest of your home heating.

Electric Blanket Features

  • 10 minute heat up time
  • Mattress protector design
  • Luxurious fleece material
  • Cost effective
  • Nine temperature settings
  • Countdown timer
  • Auto shut off
  • Three year manufacturer’s guarantee


Electric Blanket Consumer Reviews

One consumer referred to this electric blanket as “an excellent product” and an excellent purchase. They also love the fact that it only takes ten minutes to warm up. They cautioned though that the skirt though elasticated could not fit their particular mattress properly and ended up riding up on more than one occasion. They finally had to do a little adjusting themselves for it to fit properly. They however still think it is a great product and that it heats nicely. Based on their experience with the single electric blanket they would definitely recommend the purchase of this product as it keeps them nice and toasty during the winter.

Dreamland Mattress Protector Fleece Single BlanketOne consumer purchased this blanket because they learned that electric blankets can reduce the risk of having dust mites in your mattress by 50% and that this blanket can actually reduce allergies. Knowing that it could warm her up on a cold night was just a plus then when she saw the savings she incurred from turning off her heater she was even more thrilled with her decision to purchase this blanket. She went on to mention that the material was great if you want to sleep in a bed that feels like it is only for the rich and famous. She also loves the various settings and the fact that she could find the right temperature at any given time right at her fingertips.

One consumer cheered hooray in their review of this electric blanket. They find it perfect as it only warms the bed and not the entire house which is quite unnecessary when you live alone. They also love the fact that it secures as a fitted sheet would making it one of the easiest pieces of electric bedding to get started.

One other consumer loves the timer and the wide range of heat settings. The one thing they would have done differently would have been to place an eight hour timer on the blanket.


This single electric blanket has multiple temperature settings and a countdown and auto shut off feature. It is safe for all night use and great for other purposes apart from warming your bed.


The controller for the blanket can be hard to adjust in the dark so if you want to adjust the temperature in the middle of the night, be prepared to turn on a light.


When it comes to electric bedding, Dreamland always seem to deliver on their promises and this electric blanket – mattress protector is no exception.

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