Dreamland King Size Fleece Under Blanket With Dual Control

Dreamland King Size Fleece Under Blanket With Dual ControlThis king size electric blanket from Dreamland can be a superb purchase. It gives the consumer great value for money and comes highly rated with over 40 electric blanket reviews on our retailer’s website. It is a little higher priced than most other king size electric blankets on the market but it comes backed by a highly respected name in electric bedding: Dreamland.

Dreamland has been known to be the leader in their class when it comes to any type or size electric blanket. Their blankets including this one feature patented safety systems that guarantee you a safe, warm and comfortable nights rest every time. This electric blanket has a safety feature that you won’t find in any other brand blanket of its type so when you spend your money you can be sure you are making a sound financial decision.

Read further to find out the numerous features of this electric blanket and find out all the great reasons you should take the Dreamland King Size Fleece Under Blanket home. You will find a product description below as well as the pros and cons of the product if any and you will be able to read what other consumers are saying who are already owners of this electric blanket.

Electric Blanket Description

The Dreamland King Size Fleece Under Blanket with Dual Control provides you individual comfort for a thorough and peaceful night’s sleep. The dual control option allows you and your partner to sleep on individual settings so you can both be comfortable even if your definition of comfort is not the same. The blanket has nine heat settings so you can find the right temperature for you and it has two timer options where it can automatically shut off after 75 minutes or 12 hours. The blanket can be heated in as fast as 10 minutes and the soft fleece makes it extra comfortable. The under blanket is attached to the bed via tie tapes and once you secure it you will be able to sleep without it moving around with you.

Electric Blanket Features

  • One of a kind sleep guardian technology
  • Safe for washing in the machine and tumble drying in dryer
  • Dual controls
  • 9 temperature settings
  • Count down timer
  • Auto shut off
  • Extra foot warmth
  • 10 minute heat up time
  • Made of soft fleece
  • Tie tapes for securing the electric blanket to the bed
  • 3 year manufacturers guarantee

Electric Blanket Consumer Reviews

Dreamland King Size Fleece Under Blanket With Dual Control control - Electric BlanketOne owner who has had this electric blanket for a month states that the blanket is comfortable due to the fleece material. They love the dual control feature along with the nine heat settings and the fact that they cannot feel the wires in the blanket while they sleep.

She also noted that the tie tapes did a great job of securing the blanket to the bed and in the month of ownership the under blanket has not moved. She also noted that the timer was very quiet which was very important to her as she is a light sleeper and was worried it would wake her up when it was going off.

Overall she loves the blanket and the only thing she would change is to make it a bit longer as she finds that even when she starts at the pillow it doesn’t go all the way along the length of her standard king size bed. This makes the extra foot warmth neither here nor there, a feature she was looking forward to using. She however recommends the product as it does keep her warm at night with the exception that she still has to wear bed socks.

Another owner loves the dual control feature of this king size electric blanket as well as the timer for 75 minutes or 12 hours. She loves the fact that both she and her husband can get a good night’s sleep as she likes the bed a bit warmer than her husband does. She also loves the fact that the controls are long enough for you to place them on your bedside table even if it is not directly by your bed.


All the product features are pros; you see that from these electric blanket reviews mentioned here. People love the dual control, the timer feature and the auto shut off as well as the fleece material.


The Fleece material has the tendency to make some people sweat even when on a low heat setting or turned off after warming the bed.


This king size electric blanket from Dreamland has received many really encouraging and positive reviews.  Based on our research we believe that it is definitely worth taking a serious look if you are after a reliable and comfortable king size electric blanket.

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