Dreamland Harmony King Size Over Blanket With Dual Control

Dreamland Harmony King Size Over Blanket With Dual ControlThe Dreamland Harmony King Size Over Blanket with Dual Control has over 40 electric blanket reviews on a popular retailers website. It is one of the more affordable blankets of this size. It meets all safety standards and features Dreamland’s patented multiple level safety system that can only be found on Dreamland products.

The quality of sleep we get each night is very important to the way we function in our day to day lives and so getting the best night’s sleep should be at the top of your priority list. Go to bed in comfort with this king size electric blanket and enjoy a restful and peaceful night’s sleep waking up rejuvenated and ready to face the day. Kiss those sleepless cold nights good bye and say hello to a whole new you; a more energized and healthier you.

We are reviewing this particular electric blanket because of the many reviews that it has garnered. We want to help spread the word about the cost effectiveness of making a purchase of this electric blanket. We have thus put together this page for you with a description of the product and what you get with your purchase along with its features, the pros and cons of the product and some electric blanket reviews from previous owners of the product.

Electric Blanket Description

The Dreamland Harmony King Size over blanket with dual control has a patented heat technology for fast heating. It is made from soft material and can fit inside your duvet cover or be placed between your regular sheets for a warm and comfortable night’s rest. It is a dual control electric blanket made from washable material with 9 different temperature settings, a countdown timer, auto shut off and all night suitability. With your purchase you will get the king size over blanket along with two detachable controls, reusable storage bags made from pvc and an instruction manual.

Electric Blanket Features

  • 10 minute heat up
  • Can be placed between sheets or inside a duvet cover
  • Made from soft fabric with a satin trim
  • Dual control
  • 9 temperature settings
  • Countdown timer
  • Auto shut off
  • 2 year manufacturers guarantee

Electric Blanket Consumer Reviews

Dreamland Harmony King Size Over Blanket With Dual Control electric blanket coupleOne owner said they used to use an under blanket which they threw out and resorted to using hot water bottles. They commented that they accidentally saw this electric blanket one day while browsing and decided to give it a try since it was so affordably priced. The results are that he loved it and his wife loved it too.

His wife loves it a bit more than he does as she uses it every night but he is happy he made the purchase especially since it has the dual control feature allowing them to only warm her side of the bed when necessary. He also commented on how cheap it was to run and went on to further say that he would recommend this electric blanket to anybody.

One owner who is also a sufferer of osteo arthritis is happy with their over one month use of the blanket. He is able to use it along with his wife because of the dual control and it takes care of both their heating needs in the coldest winter though his wife and he differ when it comes to the amount of heat they need.

It helps with his arthritis and allows him to sleep comfortably and can be used on the couch as well so he can always be warm enough. His wife also loves the warmth that it provides and many nights cannot sleep unless the electric blanket is on even if the night is not that cold. He as well as his wife would not hesitate to recommend this electric blanket to people and have done so many times in the month that they have owned it for.


One of the main advantages of this king size electric blanket is that it is set at quite an affordable price. It also has a number of features that people are looking for in electric blankets and as such more people are leaning towards its purchase.


The King size doesn’t fit the California king or super king bed along the length and one owner advised others to check the lengths of their beds before purchasing the blanket to ensure that they would have warmth over the entire area of the bed.


As long as you have a standard king size bed, this Dreamland product can be an ideal purchase. The reviews really speak for themselves and at such an affordable price this electric blanket is definitely worth taking a closer look.

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