Dreamland Fleece Single Electric Under Blanket

Dreamland Fleece Single Under Electric Blanket Here is yet another electric blanket made by the Dreamland manufacturers of electric bedding. They are known to be leaders in their class and have patented technology in their blankets. This single electric blanket is no different and has everything you can imagine you will find in an electric blanket by Dreamland.

We decided to review this particular blanket as it is one of the leaders in sales for electric blankets of its size. Here we have compiled just enough information for you to make an informed decision. You will find below a description of the product as well as the features of the product listed in bullet form. Further reading will take you to a number of electric blanket reviews for this Dreamland single fleece under blanket.  Followed by these reviews you will find a brief section with the pros and cons of the product which will be the final pieces of information on this electric blanket.

You can be sure that purchasing this electric blanket or any of the Dreamland products that you will be getting value for your money both on your initial purchase as well as in the long term as these blankets help you to greatly reduce your energy consumption when used instead of central heating.

Electric Blanket Description

This energy saving electric blanket made by Dreamland will help you to save on your heating bills. Who doesn’t want to save in these tough economic times? You will be glad to know that you can run this electric blanket for as little as 2p per night. It is not only great for warming your bed and saving you money it is also great to keep your bed healthy. Once you use this single electric blanket regularly you will find that you reduce the amount of allergens as well as make the mattress so that it cannot breed dust mites!

With your purchase you will get the single Fleece under blanket as well as one detachable control, an instruction manual and a reusable bag for storage.

Electric Blanket Features

  • 10 minute heat up time
  • Patented technology
  • Made from soft fleece
  • Secures to bed with the use of tie tapes
  • Energy efficient
  • Countdown timer
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Nine temperature settings
  • Three year manufacturer’s guarantee

Electric Blanket Consumer Reviews

One consumer stated how much she loves this blanket and can’t believe she was going through so many winters prior to owning it. She highly recommends the product saying it is a must have for the winter but can be used throughout the year as well.

Dreamland Fleece Single Electric Under Blanket  ControlOne consumer stated that the initial set up of the blanket was a bit tedious but that once securely tied to the bed it stayed in place and didn’t need to adjust it again. They state that it takes the manufacturer stated time of 10 minutes to heat up and they are just delighted with that fact. They also love the fact that they can leave the blanket on overnight.

Another customer stated that the heating was good and the fast heat up time is perfect. They also love the idea of being able to change the temperature as needed in the night. They went on to talk about how the controller is easy to see. One problem this consumer had was that the blanket was a bit short for their height. This caused them to have to sleep on their side, curled up slightly so that their feet could keep warm. The problem with this is that it gives the owner backaches but they still agree that the warmth is great and went on to say that someone shorter than them would find it absolutely perfect.

One consumer who has purchased a number of different single under blankets from different manufacturers stated that they were happy the day they fitted their Dreamland single electric blanket to their bed. This consumer stated that this electric blanket was the best purchase they made in their life. They love the fact that it thoroughly covers the bed and with the large amount of temperature settings you are sure to find that perfect temperature for a great night’s sleep. They further went on to state that they would definitely recommend the product to anyone in search of a single electric blanket.


This is definitely one of the best electric blankets you will find on the market, with 10 heat settings, instant heat technology and patented safety features you won’t find anywhere else this blanket is a must have.


Very tall persons may find this electric blanket a bit short but overall it is a great product and does the job effectively.


Being another highly popular electric blanket from Dreamland, it should deliver everything they say it would, and for that reason it surely deserves a closer look.

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