Dreamland Fleece Single Under Electric Blanket

Dreamland Fleece Electric BlanketOn average the Dreamland Fleece Single Under Blanket received a four star review on a prominent retailer’s website. Dreamland is known for staying ahead of the pack when it comes to safety in electric bedding. It is with this in mind and the good rating of the Single Fleece under blanket that we have decided to do a review on this product. Though it is a bit on the pricy side for a blanket of this size you still get the value of what you pay for.

If you continue reading you will find out what all the features of this blanket are that make it worth that little extra money. You will find the product description as well as the features of the blanket such as the amount of heat settings, the safety rating and its cost effectiveness among other things. Further you will find what consumers are saying about the product which will help you to make a better decision of whether or not it will be a good purchase for you. We won’t only tell you the good stuff though; if there are any negatives we will give you that as well to ensure that you receive an unbiased review.

Dreamland Fleece Electric Blanket Description

The Dreamland brand has been making heated bedding for quite a long time and they have only gotten better over the years. This product is a great example of how they have developed a better product. This particular electric blanket like other Dreamland blankets is covered with the ten level safety systems that are patented to ensure you the safest possible heated blanket.

Dreamland Fleece Electric Blanket controlIt is very economical and allows you to save on your heating and electricity bill if you turn off your central heating or turn it down. Not only is the heat from the electric blanket perfect for keeping you warm but it is also suitable for ensuring that you sleep on a healthy bed each and every night.

It is made of a washable material which is properly sealed so you don’t have to worry about water getting in contact with the wires. It can easily be laundered with your other bedding. With your purchase you get the under blanket, the detachable control, the instructions booklet ad a reusable storage bag made from pvc material.

Dreamland Fleece Electric Blanket Features

• Instant heat technology that heats blanket in 10 minutes
• Made of luxurious fleece
• Secures to mattress with the use of tie tapes
• Affordable to operate costing approximately 1p per night
• Auto shut off
• A countdown timer
• Nine heat settings
• A single detachable control
• Patented safety system that can switch off the blanket if there is a problem with the electricity connection
• 3 year guarantee

Consumer Reviews – Dreamland Fleece Electric Blanket

One consumer commented on how much they love this electric blanket and “can’t imagine” how they managed to survive prior to purchasing it. No longer will she have trouble sleeping because her apartment is so cold now that she has this piece of electric bedding. She commented that they are true to their quick heat up time of 10 minutes. She went on to say that it holds the heat very well also so you will be “nice and toasty” all night long which is wonderful if you live in a really cold house or apartment or on those really cold winter nights. She went on to say that she definitely recommends this electric blanket and says that anyone will not feel like they wasted their money if they make this purchase.

One other consumer who already owned the double bed version to this under blanket purchased this size for the bed of their son. They commented that it was great value for their money on both purchases. She loves the timer that allows the electric blanket to not operate over 75 minutes and says she defiantly recommends the product. She feels safe knowing her son is comfy and safe at night and can get a good night’s rest.


One of the best things about this under blanket is that is made by Dreamland, a leader in the field of electric bedding. It also has a patented safety system that you will only find on Dreamland products.


The one thing consumers didn’t like too much is the tie tapes as they are kind of “fidgety” according to one consumer. But as far as heating is concerned the product works perfectly fine.


Based on the quality of this product, the actual consumer reviews and the reputation of the manufacturer we are certainly confident that this electric blanket will deliver.

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