Dreamland Electric Blankets – Overview

Dreamland has being providing the UK with electric blankets for more than 50 years. They are one of the major manufacturers and distributors of some of the best heated bedding you will find for sale and as such many people who are in search of electric blankets will choose Dreamland Electric Blankets.

dreamland electric blanketsThey have always been recognized for making the safest set of blankets in the world and they are the only manufacturers with a patented safety system that has ten levels of protection.  All Dreamland electric blankets are entirely safe to be used all night and are equipped with the latest technology to prevent your blanket from overheating.

The Dreamland electric blankets are ideal for saving electricity especially when you are the only one home. Instead of turning on your central heating why not just cuddle up in one of their electric blankets which would cost you just a couple of pennies per night to operate.

Dreamland electric blankets not only keep you warm on a cold night but they are also great for maintaining your health. Regular use of a dreamland electric blanket will allow moisture from your skin to evaporate instead of staying in your mattress where it can breed dust mites and bacteria that can cause allergic reactions and other illnesses.

All Dreamland electric blankets can be washed just as you would wash the rest of your bedding and can be tumble dried as well. All you have to do is remove the controls form the blanket. All of the heating elements and sockets are sealed with waterproof material and so you don’t have to worry about submerging the blanket in water.

Heat Controls for Dreamland Electric Blankets

Most of the Dreamland electric blankets have dual controls so that you can have separate settings from your partner. This is also great for saving on energy costs as you don’t have to heat the entire bed if you are the only one that will be sleeping in it. Blankets also have automatic switch off times that you preset depending on how long you will be in bed and how cold it is outside and how much warmth you will need.

There are some Dreamland electric blankets that fit to your mattress just as your fitted sheet does. They feature deep sides with an elastic skirt so you can quickly and easily slip the electric blanket on and off the bed. This makes them convenient and easy to put on and take off as you won’t have to deal with bed ties and tie tapes. They also have the conventional under blanket for sale that just lays flat below your sheet or that goes inside a duvet cover if you prefer to use that one.

They have blankets of all sizes and with one or two controls. They also have the most features when it comes to electric blankets on the market. One feature that is important to many is extra foot warmth which is included in most Dreamland electric blankets.

Regular Safety Checks for Dreamland Electric Blankets

Once you purchase one of the Dreamland electric blankets you should send it back to the factory to be tested for safety at least once in every three years in the months of April to September. Send not only the blanket but the original plug ad control or controls so that every aspect of the blanket can be tested.

Please take a look around or website as we review many dreamland electric blankets as well as others makes so you can make an informed decision before your purchase.