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Electric Blanket Buying Guide and Electric Blanket Reviews

electric blanket reviewsIf you are searching for electric blanket reviews then chances are you are in need of purchasing an electric blanket. As with any other purchase you make with your hard earned money you want to ensure that you are buying the best electric blanket your money can afford whether you make your purchase in a physical store or in an online store. This electric blanket buying guide will help you make the best decision by telling you about the different types of blankets on the market, the most common materials used to make these blankets, some blanket features and some electric blanket reviews for specific makes so you don’t have to take our word for it.

You will find once you start reading a couple of electric blanket reviews that the reviews themselves may be the only buying guide you will need to make your purchase. Reviews come in all forms, you will find some short ones that may simply say “this is a great blanket” or you may find some long ones that tell you the many reasons a particular blanket was given a five star rating.

Let us first explore the types of electric blankets for sale you can find on the market. Since electric blankets are electricity operated they must be BEAB (British Electrotechnical Approvals Board) approved. BEAB is not only recognized in the UK but also worldwide and shows that a product confirm to a minimum standard. No matter what size you are looking for, from a double electric blanket to a king size electric blanket you will find them in different types.

Electric Blankets – Different types

1. First there are the under blankets and mattress covers. This type of blanket is placed on top of your mattress beneath your bottom sheet and your usual bedding. Under blankets have either tie tapes to secure them or are shaped much like your fitted sheet so that they can fit snugly to our mattress. These are advantageous in the sense that you can turn the heat up to quickly warm the bed then turn the heat down so you will stay at a constant and comfortable temperature all night. On average these take around an hour or hour and a half to warm up so in some electric blanket reviews you will see people saying you need to plan your bedtime.

2. If you are looking for electric blanket reviews for blankets that can warm your bed in under 15 minutes then an over blanket or duvet may be the ideal choice. These lay on top of you with a sheet between yourself and the blanket. In the case of a duvet the blanket can be fitted into your duvet cover. These types of electric blankets can also be used to pre warm your bed then turned down for use throughout the entire night. Many consumer electric blanket reviews on these types show that people love the quick heating capabilities.

Electric Blanket Materials

electric blanket reviews 2You will find that the most favourable material for these types of heated blankets is cotton. Cotton is known to be comfortable, strong and durable at the same time and when high quality cotton is used it ups the comfort level even more. You will also find some blankets made from polyester which is very durable and is liked by many electric blanket purchasers because of its ability to be cleaned easily. Then there are those blankets that are made from polar fleece. These types of electric blankets are ideal for those extremely cold winters. Since they are made from fleece you can find added comfort and warmth in these types of pillows. Check out our detailed electric blanket reviews by searching for the specific material you prefer for example “polar fleece electric blanket reviews.

Electric Blanket Reviews – Features and How they Enhance the Product

A lot of the electric blanket reviews you will find will be written based on mostly the features that the blanket offers.

1. You want to look out for electric blankets that are easy to clean. People want a blanket that can be used a lot and can be taken care of easily, so they want it to be machine washable and have the ability to be placed in the drier to at least tumble dry. Nobody wants to sleep wrapped in dirty bedding and an electric blanket just like your regular bedding must be able to be laundered easily so look out for that in the electric blanket reviews to ensure you are getting the best electric blanket.

2. Another thing you want to look out for is heat control. You want to choose a blanket with more than five settings so that you are sure you will be able to find the right setting for you to sleep through the entire night. If you sleep with a partner you will need to look for a blanket that has dual controls so that you can both select your preferred temperature level as you please. This is also cost effective for those who sleep by themselves as you can warm only one side of the bed; the side you sleep on thus saving energy. You can also look out for electric blankets that have “extra warmth” feature in the foot area.

3. Most electric blankets come with safety systems that turn them off automatically when the temperature reaches a level that is unsafe but different brands may have different mechanisms so you want to look out for that in the electric blanket reviews you read.

4. Finally you should look out for specific storage instructions. You don’t want to choose a blanket that will have too much specifications as to how it should be stored especially if you have a busy lifestyle and won’t have time to fold your new found electric blanket a certain way every morning. You will find that the storage has a lot to do with the type of blanket and the type of material that it is made from. Electric blanket reviews that are based on storage will help you to make the best buying choice in the first place saving you the hassle of returning the product or ending up wasting your time.

Electric Blanket Reviews From Customers Who Already Own the Blankets

electric blanket reviewsOne particular brand that gets good electric blanket reviews is the “Homefront”. They have a line of washable dual control blankets in all sizes with the most expensive one coming in at a little less than £50. One customer who owns the double size says she can’t believe she was living without this electric blanket for so long and that she is super happy with her purchase. She loves the dual control that enables you to turn on only one side as her spouse doesn’t always come to bed with her at the same time. This enables them to save on their electricity bill as it uses less electricity than single control version if only one person is in the bed. This is especially true of larger size electric blankets. You will find that this brand has only five star electric blanket reviews on all their blankets and because of that all “Homefront” products are highly recommended.

If you are looking for fleece blankets you will surely find the “Dreamland” blankets. These fleece blankets cost an average around £40 for a double mattress and also come with the dual control capacity. The material gives an added level of comfort and warmth and is great for mid winter warming when the temperatures are the most extreme. Since fleece holds in the warmth better than the other materials you can use less energy by being able to set the all night temperature to one setting lower than you would if you were using a cotton or polyester blanket. The dreamland brand has also seen a large number of five star electric blanket reviews and is a great choice for anybody seeking such a blanket. Reading electric blanket reviews will take you one step closer to finding that perfect blanket so always look out for what feedback a products gets from actual purchasers.

Electric Blanket – Safety Tips

Many people come to our website trying to find out if their existing electric blanket is safe. Unfortunately we can not give advice about that as we only review brand new items. We did some extensive research in the topic of electric blanket safety and we found a great video made by the West Sussex Electric Blanket Testers.


This short video will give you some very useful tips as to how you can make sure you stay safe with your old electric blanket.



You will find that in our electric blanket reviews we highlight the most important safety issues and accreditations individual electric blankets received from government run safety companies. Hopefully you will find our electric blanket reviews useful in your search for your next warm and cosy electric blanket.